Rid31 4 wrætlic: MS reads "on", likely an error of anticipation from the next half-line (as Thorpe and Ettmüller thought) rather than being paleographically related to the correct reading as editors from Grein on have assumed (Grein "no", Holthausen "on wonge", Mackie "on wynne", Herzfeld followed by Krapp and Dobbie "nohwer", Cosijn "no hwæðre"). A word is simply missing here, perhaps this stereotypical piece of riddle vocabulary.

Rid31 5 wundorlicran: the comparative context is provided by "werum on gemonge" (l. 4).

Rid31 6 Niþerweard Thorpe: MS reads "niþer wearð".

Rid31 15 habbað: MS reads "habbad".

Rid31 24 sio Thorpe: not in MS.